Let's plant a forest together.

I've traveled over 20,000 miles during the last two years on America's back roads. I've experienced places that are beyond the descriptive powers of any camera lens. The places that impacted me the most have one thing in common - trees. From California's giant Redwoods, to the cadaverous Junipers of southern Idaho,

trees are awe inspiring, therapeutic and essential to our planet Earth. 

We need more trees. 

In an effort to put more trees on this beautiful planet, through donations to the National Forest Foundation, I'll plant one tree for every $10 of print sales. A $30 purchase will plant 3 trees, a $200 purchase will plant 20 trees and so on. This is an exciting and effective way to give back and have a real impact on our environment and I couldn't be happier about it.


Share the stoke and join me. Let's plant a forest together.

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