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June 29, 2016

Just 70 miles north of Mount Rushmore lies The Devil's Bathtub in Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota. The Devil's Bathtub trail is an unmarked local's hangout that can't be missed. At around one mile in length, the path feels more like an obstacle course than a trail.

The p...

June 18, 2016

I left the Badlands and headed west into the Black Hills National Forest, which is not far at all. I stopped for a night in Rapid City to restock and catch up in the digital world. Rapid City is a great place. It's a rare breed of town that's big enough to have everyth...

June 9, 2016





After the incredible trip from east Tennessee to western South Dakota, I arrived at this other-worldly location called Badlands National Park. The area looks like a wrinkled desert with thick patches of grass. It was formed by soil deposits being eroded away into u...

June 2, 2016




It was Friday morning and I was leaving Saturday at 10 A.M. All I had to do Friday was say my goodbyes. First was family and then came friends - twice. One of my very best friends had arranged with the fine folks at Trailhead Beer Market to throw a surprise party in...

May 22, 2016




     When I decided I wanted to live this lifestyle and travel full time, one question caused more angst and internal deliberation than any other: What about Lola? She's my most loyal friend and I wanted her by my side throughout this new chapter but there's a lot t...

May 6, 2016



When I bought the van, there were no rear seats. The upholstery on the walls and ceiling and the carpet was still in place and in good shape. It was perfect for what I needed. I started taking measurements, assessing what I needed to take with me, what I wanted to ta...

May 4, 2016


In early Spring of 2015 I was a self employed real estate photographer, a part time bouncer and my 'real' job was one I had just taken as a service manager at a commercial vehicle repair shop. I was up to my eyeballs in debt and I was making good money to cover that d...

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